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Auras (2022)  


The twelve stories that make up Auras span time from the 1940's to the present day, They cover ground from New England to the Midwest to the South. But in another respect, all of these stories live in the same place, asking a different version of the same question: Is it possible to fix broken things?

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Higher Ground (2012)

Children's Picture Book

When a hurricane strikes and causes disastrous flooding, humans aren't the only one who need to seek higher ground! This story of kindness and inner-strength celebrates the bonds of a community that rallies together.

You can order Higher Ground for $13.75. Venmo @kevin-fitton-1. Be sure to include shipping address.


Other Publications

“A Magical Adventures™ Hot Air Balloon Ride” in Cutleaf (June 2021)

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“A Sentimental Person” The Saturday Evening Post: Fiction Fridays (March 2019)

"Something Worthy of His Shame" Red Earth Review (July 2018)

"Why I Write Sad Stories." (May 31, 2018) Ruminate Magazine.

"First Night" Storgy Magazine (January 2018)

"Hospital Volunteer"  Breadwinner (2016)

"Crashums"  Broad River Review (2016)

"Man on a Mountain" Jabberwock (Winter 2015)

"Laura-Jean"  Limestone: Art. Prose. Poetry (2015)

"Learning to Walk with a Limp"  (2014) 


"A Fool of a Man"  (2010)  Route 7: A Vermont Literary Journal

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