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Writer, Teacher, Musician

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New Release

(Sept 6, 2022)

The twelve stories that make up Auras span time from the 1940’s to the present day. They cover ground from New England to the Midwest to the South. But in another respect, all of these stories live in the same place, asking a different version of the same question: Is it possible to fix broken things?

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Readers, beware. The stories in Kevin Fitton’s powerful new collection, Auras, contain strong, sometimes hurtful emotions. Faced with loss and disappointment, characters lash out, showing us the extremes that love will drive us to. And in the end, those characters are left with a greater, sometimes rueful, understanding of their own hearts—as we readers, who recognize ourselves in them, will understand our own. These are wise, passionate stories that will not easily be forgotten.

Erin McGraw,

Author of New York Times Notable Book, Lies of the Saints.

Praise & Reviews

"These stories, these joyful bursts of humanity, are the tonic we need, each story a thoughtful, utterly surprising voice in our ear conjuring new worlds; they snap into focus. Fitton writes with a jeweler’s precision, yet unspools stories with effortless grace about love, understanding,  compassion, confusion; his scope and heart are enormous. Here’s how I felt: that I was sitting on a  porch at perfect sunset and the stories had beckoned to step off into the night grass, into mystery, other lives. If you love Marilynne Robinson or Charles Baxter, Auras is your book.”

Doug Stanton,

New York Times Bestselling Author

Kevin Fitton’s characters—pastors, parents, a math teacher who is also a mom and a thief, a steamboat ferryman—are always aspiring to do better, and much of the pleasure of reading his work is in rooting for their better angels and wondering when and where they’ll succeed. Too wise a writer to believe in easy happy endings, Fitton is nonetheless attuned to the possibility of transformation. The pulse of human warmth running through these stories pulls the reader on from one to the next. 

Rachel Paston

Author of National Book Award-Winner for Science and Literature, In the Field


Upcoming Appearances

February 25, 2023


Reading and Discussion with Kelly Fordon

2 Dandelions Bookshop

428 W Main Street

Brighton, Michigan 48116

March 4, 2023

2pm workshop, 3:30pm Q&A

Okemos Public Library

4321 Okemos Road

Okemos, Michigan

March 16, 2023


Reading with Hannah Assadi

Kazoo Books

A Rally of Writers

April 15, 2023

Workshop Leader

April 20 


Sleepy Dog Books

120 E. Broadway Street

Mt. Pleasant, MI


About Kevin Fitton

Kevin Fitton is a writer, musician, and educator. He is the author of the story collection, Auras, forthcoming from Fomite Press. He published the children’s book, Higher Ground, with Caldecott-winning artist, Mary Azarian, along with over a dozen short stories in nationally recognized magazines, like Jabberwock,Limestone, and The Saturday Evening Post. He holds an MFA from Bennington College and is the recipient of a doctoral scholar award at Western Michigan University, where he is pursuing his PhD in Creative Writing. He lives in Grand Ledge, Michigan with his wife and two daughters. You can reach him at or follow him on facebook or instagram at Kfitton_1.

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