There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

"We had a great number of people show interest, register and attend for our small library. Kevin was very knowledgeable, fun, and patient. He was very personable and really showed us what makes a good story great and that explained why some stories really fall short. He used visual aides to teach us the most important elements of writing a great story, provided examples, offered thought provoking exercises and really kept everyone interested."

-Ashley Eichner, librarian at the Milan Public Library. Milan, MI

PRICING:  Standard rate for 2 hour workshop is $300. Negotiable for libraries and other non-profits.


The Story Shaping workshop is an opportunity to learn about what makes a stories work. Writers will learn about the key components of a story and how to hold the reader's attention. Participants are also given time during this workshop to take an idea and use that idea to build a framework for a narrative. This workshop is appropriate for any writer who wants to learn more about story structure, including beginning writers, those who are struggling with a particular piece of writing, or advanced writers looking for a refresher.

"The Story Shaping Workshop provides excellent instruction on the craft of storytelling. In this workshop, Kevin breaks down the art of writing into specific components with concrete examples and exercises. This class inspired me to take an idea that I had rolling around in my head and make it into a story that will interest my readers."

-Sonya Schryer Norris

PEOPLE ON THE PAGE: Creating Lifelike Characters in Fiction and Memoir

This workshop focuses on the art of characterization, the act of writing words on a sheet of paper and through those letters and words creating the idea of a person, a multi-dimensional individual who might exist in the real world. This workshop is for those who are  engaged in the work of writing and want to dive deeper into this aspect of the creative process. In this workshop, we will look at examples from some of the great writers working today, including Alice Munro, Maya Angelou, J.D. Salinger, Lorrie Moore, and others.

TRUST ME, IT ISN'T DONE: A Workshop on Revision

In this workshop, we learn that the difference between a great story and a decent story is revision. Successful writers are the ones who don't know how to quit-- who are always pushing to refine and polish their work. In this workshop, we will learn how to move from a first draft, to a second, to a third, and make the writer stronger and stronger. We will learn how to evaluate what is on the page and keep moving forward. 

Workshop Groups

I also offer 4-8 week workshops for beginning and intermediate writers. These workshops provide an opportunity to engage fully in the writing process. In workshop, we learn how to effectively read and respond to our peers' work. We also learn how to take our own stories through the revision process, receiving and responding to feedback in order to make our writing stronger.

Cost depends on the group size, location, and number of sessions. Contact Kevin for more information.