Higher Ground, Radiant Hen 2012


"Why I Write Sad Stories." (May 31, 2018) Ruminate Magazine.


“Skimming” Cottonwood (Spring 2019)

“A Sentimental Person” The Saturday Evening Post: Fiction Fridays (March 2019)

"Something Worthy of His Shame" Red Earth Review (July 2018)

"First Night" Storgy Magazine (January 2018)

"Hospital Volunteer"  Breadwinner (2016)

"Crashums"  Broad River Review (2016)

"Man on a Mountain" Jabberwock (Winter 2015)

"Laura-Jean"  Limestone: Art. Prose. Poetry (2015)

"Learning to Walk with a Limp"  (2014)

"A Fool of a Man"  (2010)  Route 7: A Vermont Literary Journal


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