I offer coaching both online and in person. One-on-one coaching is most useful for those who are working on a significant writing project and would benefit from on-going support and feedback. Whatever your situation, whether you have a completed manuscript or haven't made it past the brainstorming phase, this process will be designed to fit your individual needs. Please contact me for more information.



My editing services involve more than checking for grammatical errors. I thoroughly evaluate each manuscript for form and content. I provide line-by-line feedback as well as a narrative summary describing each piece's strengths and weaknesses. Let me help you take your manuscript to the next level.

Standard Rate $2.50/page



What I do for my clients is help their vision for their book come to life. We spend a lot of time talking about you-- what you want to include in the book, the things you want to say. And then I help turn that into a coherent whole, along with packaging the book in such a way that it will excite editors, publishers, and readers. Every project is unique, so cost varies but a typical book proposal is about $3,000 and a completed manuscript is around $10,000.